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The Last Alliance


Version 1.1 21/03/02

Equipment Used

Corrugated cardboard
Cereal box cardboard
Modeling Clay (Blue-Tac)
Green flock
Static grass
PVA glue
Black spray paint
Various shades of grey paint
Masking tape




In this series of articles we will look at building ruins, which when arranged all together make up a ruined building such as a castle. I use these ruins in the 'Close Encounter' scenario. All the pieces that are described can be seen together at the end of the tower article.The first article shall be on making ruined walls. Also Magnesious has sent me some pictures of the ruined walls he bulit using this guide you can see them at the bottom of the page.

Step 1

On some corrugated cardboard draw out cut the basic wall shape. This can be of any size and design you like. The one shown here is about 2cm at its highest side and 1cm at its lowest and about 12cm long.

Trace around this three times onto more corrugated card and cut all of them out. You now should have four sections of the same size and shape. Cut a base out of corrugated card which should be the same length, in this case 12cm and about 3cm wide.

Step 2

Using the PVA glue all four pieces together.

Cover the edges in masking tape.

Using PVA glue the wall section onto the centre of the base.

Step 3

Cut lots of small rectangles out of cereal box cardboard. These should be about 1cm by 0.5cm.

These should then be stuck onto both sides of the wall.

Step 4

Undercoat the whole piece, including the base in black. The bricks on the wall section should be painted in various shades of grey. I started off using Shadow Grey and the dry brushed Codex Grey and finally Fortress Grey. Cover the base in PVA and then sprinkle green flock onto it. Shake of the excess. Glue some lichen in various places. If you want static grass can also be glued in places. The wall section is now finished.


Wall sections can be made of any size and shape you want. Here are some variations.

Also try attaching the wall to the edge of the base instead of the centre so that wall pieces can be arranged together :

Here are some pictures of ruin walls built by Magnesious:

That's all there is to it to building ruined walls. Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes. Coming next is an article on building a small pile of rubble.


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