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The Last Alliance

Version 1.3 07/12/02


Scenery Guides

Making the Board
Building Bree Houses
Building the Prancing Pony Part One - The Ground Floor
Building the Prancing Pony Part Two - The Upper Floor Introduction

Aaron Borczynski has been working on some foamcore bree buildings that he is casting up in resin/plaster and offer for sale. He also has PDF's of the plans of the buildings. Later I am hoping to have a whole page put up for Aaron showcasing his excellent work, so you all can look at pictures of his work. If you like it and think theres no way you will be able to make anything as good, perhaps you could purchase some buildings from him.

Anyway in the mean time here is a PDF about Bree buildings. You can visit Aarons site here.

Andrew Campbell has sent word that "A fellow at the local game store has begun his own business casting, painting, and selling miniature buildings for wargaming. Many of those available, and in the coming attractions, would be good for Bree. They're a littlepricey, but they are assembled and painted and ready to play out of the box." Check them out here

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