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Version 1.0 26/09/02

Equipment Used

Lose bits from the bottom of lichen bags.
Corrugated cardboard
Green flock
PVA glue
Goblin Green paint
Masking tape



This article is about making bushes. This is a short and easy article using lichen that can be bought from hobby stores..

Step 1

Take a piece of lichen that you wish to use as your bush,cut to shape and size if desired..

Step 2

Cut a square of corrugated card that is big enough to sit the lichen on top of. Cover the edges with masking tape.

Step 3

Paint the base Goblin Green.

Step 4

Using PVA once the paint has dried glue the lichen to the base.

Step 5

Cover the whole base in PVA glue and green flock applied, shaking of the excess. Lichen applied in places if desired.

Step 6

Once dried dab PVA glue in places on the base and sprinkle some bits from the bottom of the lichen bag. This looks like bits of leaves and stuff. There you have it one easy to make bush. Try to vary the shape and size of others you make.



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