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Version 1.1 07/11/02

Equipment Used

Balsa wood sheets. (1/4 Inch thick is ideal.)
Cereal box cardboard.
Plastic wall sections
Mounting board/Artists card.
Green Flock.
Various Grey paints
Black spray paint

by Mithaearon



This article is about making walls, this differs from the Ruined Wall article in that this is about making complete wall section pieces, perhaps for use as a city or village outer wall or even a castle wall.

Step 1

This article makes use Balsa wood sheets that are about 3 inches wide and about 1/4 inches thick. The length of the wall piece is up to you. The one being made here is about 6 inches long.

You will also need some plastic wall sections. I got these from my local model railway hobby store. These ones are by a company called Wills and are Coarse Stone.


Step 2

Cut the Balsa wood sheet to the desired length, in this case 6 inches long. Apply PVA glue to the backside of a sheet of plastic wall and stick to the Balsa sheet you cut. Completely cover both sides in this manner.


Step 3

Cut a rectangle of Mounting card 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. Glue the wall section along the centre.


Step 4

Cut some small square of cereal box card. These should by about 1/2 by 1/2 inch. Using PVA, glue these along the top of the wall.


Step 5

Spray the whole piece black and allow to dry.



Step 7

Heavily drybrush Codex Grey all over, followed by a drybrush of Fortress Grey and finally a very light drybrush of Skull White. Only highlight certain small areas with the white.

Step 8

Apply PVA glue over the top and edges of the base and sprinkle over some Green Flock shaking of the excess.

There you have a basic wall piece.






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